Friday, September 4, 2009


CASINDO is a capacity development programme that aims to build and strengthen institutional and human capacity for energy policy formulation and development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects both at the national and regional level. The programme has been developed in close collaboration with the Indonesian partners and SenterNovem.
The programme involves activities both at the national level and in the provinces of Central Java, North Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara, Yogyakarta and Papua. A key background component of CASINDO is the ongoing reforms in Indonesia regarding the decentralisation of autonomy. Regional governments are now becoming responsible for formulating and implementing regional energy policies. CASINDO aims to contribute to this process through developing the professional capacity that will enable the regional government to formulate and implement a regional energy strategy and that will improve regional academic and educational knowledge by introducing energy research and education programmes and training modules at the local universities and technical high schools(SMK) To ensure that these knowledge levels can be maintained also in the longer term, strong institutional government structures are set up by CASINDO.
7 Technical Working Groups (TWG) are established. The composition of each working group consists of representatives from the regional teams, MEMR, ITB,TEDC and the European partners:
I. Energy Policy Analysis
II. Renewable energy action plan
III. Energy efficiency masterplan
V. Pro-poor energy strategy
VI. University education & research programme
VII. SMK RE & EE training modules
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