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PhD on Earth System Science Research School (ESSRES) Programme

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Online Application for external PhD students open now!

Welcome to the Earth System Science Research School (ESSRES) Programme!

In July 2007 the Helmholtz Association approved the foundation of a
new Research School on Earth System Science which will officially
start in summer 2008. In a joint initiative of Alfred Wegener
Institute Bremerhaven (AWI), University of Bremen (Uni-HB), and Jacobs
University Bremen new generations of outstanding junior scientists
will be trained and prepared in the interdisciplinary field of Earth
System Sciences toward a doctoral degree.

The existing research infrastructure at the Alfred Wegener Institute
Bremerhaven (AWI), University of Bremen, Institute for Environmental
Physics (Uni-HB/IUP) , and Jacobs University Bremen offers a unique
research environment to study past, present and future changes of the
climate system. The foundation of the Earth System Research School at
the AWI will focus on the integration of observations, palaeoclimate
data, and climate modelling to better understand natural climate
variations over a broad range of timescales and disciplines. The
overall expertise available in observation, modelling, and
reconstruction at the participating institutions provides an extremely
solid base for interdisciplinary research. This excellent working and
scientific environment will provide PhD students with advanced
training and research support. The Research School will offer
world-class educational possibilities thanks to its staff of
internationally- recognised and highly rated expert scientists.

The central idea of linking `data and modelling' enables graduate
students from a variety of disciplines to cooperate and exchange views
on a common theme which leads to a better understanding of local
processes within a global context. Computational and conceptual models
of the Earth system provide the ability to investigate different
scenarios in biogeochemistry, such as the carbon cycle, the structure
of marine sediments, and isotope distribution in climate components.
Training and education, especially in time-series and data analysis,
is a common key component for all participants.

In the ESSRES joint activities between the AWI, Uni-HB, and Jacobs
University bring together a truly unique group of researchers and
provide a great opportunity for young, talented aspiring scientists to
integrate observations of past climate change based on different
archives including ice cores, marine sediments and biological
recorders, with models of the climate system and its components. The
eight groups from AWI complement each other with respect to their
expertise in the field of palaeo-climate studies. AWI has a broad
foundation for studying climate change in marine archives and ice
cores, has expertise in carbon cycle modelling at different scales,
and applies approaches for reconstructing fundamental
palaeo-bathymetric settings. The department of environmental physics
at the Bremen University (Uni-HB/IUP) has excellent expertise in the
physics and chemistry of the atmosphere and remote sensing, with a
focus on the measurement and monitoring of global methane and carbon
cycle changes. Since data, and dealing with data, are key components
of this Research School, Jacobs University's computational modelling
and geoinformation science group will provide algorithms and tools for
temporal and spatial data analyses, data management and advanced
visualization. Together, these twelve topics will define a unique new
approach to the investigation of complex cycles (biogeochemical,
isotopic or cycles of matter) within the Earth system in a common,
highly interdisciplinary, context.

The expertise of the scientists involved guarantees an outstanding
research and educational programme. In a three-year term, a number of
basic and expert scientific courses and soft skill training modules
provide a broad knowledge in the field of Earth System Sciences, which
may attract the school's alumni to continue their international
research career. The Helmholtz Research School on Earth System
Sciences, based at the AWI and supported by the Uni-HB and Jacobs
University, will be a forum to maintain and enhance the city state
Bremen's existing reputation in research and education.

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